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Selim Shahriar Contributes to Discovery of Gravitational Waves

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Laboratory for Atomic and Photonic Technology Contributes to LIGO

On February 11, 2016, the LIGO Scientific Collaboration and Virgo Collaboration have announced their successful detection of gravitational waves. This detection has confirmed the existence of the gravitational wave predicted by General Relativity, a theory about gravity proposed by Einstein in 1915. The Laboratory of Atomic and Photonic Technology(LAPT) is proud to be part of this significant scientific breakthrough.

Professor Selim Shahriar, The director of LAPT, along with his graduate students Minchuan Zhou, Zifan Zhou and Joshua Yablon are co-authors of the paper published in Physical Review Letters to report the existence and successful detection of gravitational wave. Professor Shahriar has been working on improving the sensitivity and bandwidth of gravitational wave detection using fast light in collaboration with LIGO for nearly 10 years. His recent paper on this work shows how to improve the sensitivity of the device by a factor of ~20. Such an enhancement would increase by a factor of nearly 8000 the volume of space from which gravitational wave would be detectable, thereby increasing significantly the number of events that could be detected in a given period.

Left to right: Mohamed Fouda | Ye Wang | Subramanian Krishnamurthy | Shih Tseng | Zifan Zhou | Yanfei Tu | Renpeng Fang | May Kim | Joshua Yablon | Selim Shahriar | Jacob Scheuer | Mehjabin Monjur | Resham Sarkar
Students not in picture: Selam Nida | Minchuan Zhou
Visiting scientists: Gour Pati | Renu Tripathi | Alex Heifetz | Philip Hemmer

The Laboratory for Atomic and Photonic Technology (LAPT) is a research group at Northwestern University. We are a part of the Center for Photonic Communication and Computing in the Electrical Engineering & Computer Science department.

Our work includes projects ranging from quantum teleportation to holographic correlation. (Please visit the current research page to learn more.)

In November 2012, NASA selected the Superluminal Ring Laser Gyroscope (SRLG), first proposed by Prof. Selim Shahriar [Physical Review A 75 (5): Art. No. 053807 MAY 2007], as one of five Game Changing Technologies. Please see here for more information.

In June 2013, most of the students were able to go and present works at DAMOP (Ye, Subramanian, Renpeng, May, and Resham) and at CLEO (Ye, Subramanian, Joshua, Mehjabin, and Resham). We are eager to continue in advancing science and technology!

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