Digital Optics Technologies

Jason Bonacum

Vice President of Research

Craig Fields

Digital Optics Technologies

D.O.T. was founded by prof. Selim Shahriar. We collaborate in many of our research endeavors.

Tel Aviv University

Jacob Scheuer


Yael Sternfeld

PhD Student

We have collaborated in many projects, focusing primarily on the development of superluminal lasers.

Delaware State University

Renu Tripathi

Professor of Physics & Engineering

Gour S. Pati

Professor of Physics and Engineering at DSU. Adjunct Professor in EECS at NU.

The LAPT group has been collaborating with profs. Renu Tripathi and Gour Pati since 2009. We have worked on numerous projects covering topics from atomic magnetometry to holographic encryption and coherent population trapping.
Their current work can be found on their website.


Scott Mackey

Undergraduate Student

Scott has been working with the LAPT group since summer of 2020 when he was an Astrophysics REU student at Northwestern's CIERA. He currently works on simulations of superluminal lasers for use in a gravitational wave detector.

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